Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Absence Minded- being gone on my mind.

I'm feeling a bit bad, I haven't been as dedicated to posting on my art licensing blog as I had hoped.  My absence weighs heavily.  So, in consideration that my website is being revised, and I've been directing a lot of the traffic here due to the revamp, I think it's time to wave hello and put pen to paper (proverbially).

While the timing wasn't good, all of my website stuff came up for renewal.  I had just been complaining about the down time, lack of tech support, the archaic customer interface and so on, from my existing host.  So I took the renewal as a prompt to divorce my hosting company.  Kiss that 10 years goodbye.  Problem being, with the spontaneity and gratification of doing so , I wasn't prepared with a new site and all the things that go with switching.  So, please pardon the "under construction" phase my site is in.  We will be up and running soon with added features and updated information.

In the meanwhile, I'm still creating new art, working with my existing contacts and making plans for the Atlanta Gift Show in January, 2012.  Of particular interest to me are wall art publishers/manufacturers, home dec and accessory companies, juvenile industries and holiday.  As promised, I've been working on new designs that flow outside of just wall art designs.  Consumers can look forward to seeing lines of products debuting this winter that are new categories, sourcing to new retailers for me, and I'm really excited.

Drop me a email or give me a call if you're interested in meeting up in Atlanta.